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Rainbow gradient background with Chroma logo. The logo is a white, 3D hexagon centered above the word "chroma", which is written in a thin sans-serif font.
Picture of sign on building. The sign says "Green Table Dining Room" in a dark green font. The sign and wall of the building are both a beige color.
Purple and blue gradient background with a white logo that says "Inspired By Nyah". The text is to the right of a bold script "i" logo
A blue, white, and sparkly gold sticker of a "10" with a LI Surge Fastpitch ribbon across it. The sticker is on a dark blue duotone background of a wave.
Annimation of orange leaves that piles onto a wood background that has "Ramtoberfest" engraved in white. The engraving is a gothic style font
3 Iphones with images of instagram posts from SUNYFEST. Posts contain blue duotone images of Kesha and AJR, the main headliners of the music festival
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